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Special Offers


Celebrate with Arammish

Whether it’s a birthday, a baby shower or even just a girls’ day out, you can celebrate any special occasion at Arammish! All you have to do is contact us to make a booking and choose a combination of treatments that you and your friends would enjoy together.

Why celebrate at Arammish?

We at Arammish believe that there is a need for unique and exciting ways to celebrate and spend time with friends and family. The only options available when it comes to wanting to celebrate a particular occasion and spending time with each other, are either going to a restaurant or hosting a party at home. Celebrating with Arammish can be a new and fun way to enjoy a happy occasion with people you love! And most importantly you do not have to worry about hosting and planning, we make everything easy for you at Arammish and you can be sure of the fact that at the end of the day you will leave us feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Things to think about when planning a celebration at Arammish.

  • Think about whether you want to plan or just sit back relax and take part in the celebration. You can either give us a general idea of what kind of treatments you want and leave it up to us to design you a package accordingly and within your set budget, or you can plan the day and treatments yourself by going through our menu and just let us know!
  • Think about whether you want a day geared towards beautifying yourself or just spending the day relaxing and healing, or a combination of both! Once you have that figured it becomes easy to choose between the array of services and treatments available at Arammish.
  • Think about treatments that you can enjoy with your guests! For instance a Hamam treatment wouldn’t be ideal but getting a hot stone massage together or a manicure together would be perfect as you would be able to talk and spend time with each other during the treatments .
  • We serve great Organic homemade food at Arammish if you would like to enjoy lunch in between your treatments, let us know your menu preferences and they will be served to you when desired.

Teenager special

Special discounts are offered to teenagers so that they can enjoy our treatments without hesitation. If you would like to avail the special discount please bring your Passport copy with you.

(The discount information will be given here when it has been developed)

Senior citizens

(The discount information will be given here when it has been developed)

Working woman Happy Hours

(The discount information will be given here when it has been developed)

Seasonal Offers

Every season Arammish introduces exciting new Homemade Organic Products and treatments. This season’s new Organic treatments are listed below.