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Philosophy and Treatments


You will find a variety of authentic Colour therapy based treatments at Arammish. We at Arammish, use “Altearah bio” Colour therapy perfumes and oils in many of the treatments we offer so that our clients can benefit from the unique qualities possessed by the different colours in nature.

Some popular Colour treatments:

  • Altearah Colour Facial
    If you decide to get an Altearah facial, you have the freedom to choose a combination of Colour oils that will suit your particular skin type. Every colour has its own effect on the skin and therefore there are a variety of ailments (mental and physical) you can treat through the use of this treatment.
  • Silver Oil Scalp Massage
    Silver oil is perfect for targeting dry and damaged hair. For long term effect we encourage you to visit us for a silver hair oil massage regularly; but if that is not convenient for you, you may also buy the oil for home use.
  • Royal Purple Massage
    This master colour (Royal purple) can help you work through challenges by calming your nerves and limiting the risk of mental or physical breakdown. The vibrations of this colour influence the stability of our cells. After a royal purple full body massage, our clients always speak of feeling immensely calm and rejuvenated.
  • Altearah HamamA Hamam is a Turkish bath and is very similar to a sauna. At Arammish we give you the pleasure of experiencing this age old, relaxing and cleansing practice. The Hamam treatment includes: Herbal steam, massage, body scrub and Hydrotherapy shower. The Alearah Hamam treatment specifically includes colour oil therapy suitable for your personality and body type.
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