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Color Therapy

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The use of color as vibrational therapy can be traced back to centuries ago. In Chinese medicine colors are applied in the form of minerals, gemstones, herbs and salves. Similarly in Ayurveda medicine gemstones (which are believed to be concentrations of cosmic rays) are used for various health and medicinal purposes. Modern day color therapy is based on many of the same principles that these ancient societies based their medicinal therapies on. Today science has revealed that our DNA encodes a unique natural system of lights, which is used by our cells to communicate and send out electromagnetic signals to other cells in the body. The electromagnetic rays omitted through color can be used to influence the electromagnetic rays of our cells and ultimately influence growth and development of the body and its organs.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEach color in nature has its own unique vibrational field, and therefore each color has its own unique effect on the body after it has been absorbed. At Arammish we can help you understand which color treatment would be suitable for you specifically and target any ailments you may be suffering from.