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Arammish Organic Products


When we develop recipes for the Arammish Organic range, we think about what effects each season has on our bodies and Organs. What makes our job easy is that nature already strangely predicts all of these effects by supplying us with Fruits and vegies that are paired perfectly with each season. For example coconut oil freezes in winter but flows silkily in summer when we most desire it’s cooling effect. Listed below, you can find out about some of the Organic products we offer and which season you may be able to enjoy them in.

Papaya facial gel
Papaya is readily available in the summer season. Our Papaya facial gel is perfect to counter frustrating skin breakouts that occur due to the summer heat (Sweat caused by heat leads to development of pimples and Heat naturally leads to a change in our hormone cycle which may lead to pimples as well).Papaya also has a cooling effect and always leaves the skin soft and glowing after application!

Orange peel scrub
We hate waste at Arammish; especially if it’s something as precious as orange peel! The vitamin C present in Orange peel acts as a natural skin bleacher and can help reduce skin blemishes and pigmentation. Orange peel also helps tone the skin, cleanse pores and can help protect against harmful UV rays. You can take advantage of this product between late September and November!

Strawberry and cream Hair mask
This hair mask is great for encouraging hair growth and strength. However we have to admit, this product was created to make those clients happy who are in the mood for some serious self-indulgence! You can treat yourself this hair mask in the winter season.

Mint and Aloe Vera face gel
Our mint and Aloe Vera Face gel is perfect for targeting acne, sun burn, and stretch marks and aging! The Egyptians called Aloe Vera “The plant of immortality” and anyone who has used Aloe on their skin would have to agree. The addition of mint adds a soothing and cooling effect perfect for summer time!

We come up with new Organic homemade products every season, so follow our website and face book page to keep up with exciting new Organic products!