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Arammish Organic



Arammsih Spa was founded on the Philosophy of love. Love of providing the highest quality products and treatments to our clients, and the love of encouraging a greater appreciation for nature and holistic health.Arammsih Organic is just another way we are serving both of these loves! Arammsih Organic is our home made organic product range, which changes with the time of year; according to the availability of seasonal organic fruits and vegetables.We use our Organic product range to showcase the the beautiful fruits that may be in season and to draw your attention to the wonders nature can work. In this day and age when we have a plathora of cosmetic companies in the market, we have become intimdated by the complex scientific formulas and have forgotten how simply nature can cater to our ailments and beautification demands!We hope that through Arammsh Organic, you will grow to appreciate what nature has to offer and you will begin to reconnect with it.

What do we mean by Organic products? Products that are made from purely natural ingredients.We use fruit, dairy and vegetables that have been produced without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, to make all of our Arammish Organic products.

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