Arammish "If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath" Mind Body Soul

About Arammish

slide1The vision behind Arammish (meaning tranquility in Persian) is to develop a total wellness program based on holistic and natural therapies. The body is a representation of the mind and therefore disease has to be treated at all levels of matter and spirit.

Our aim at Arammish is to offer the individual with an opportunity to explore their potential on a physical and a spiritual level. We aid them with access to all areas of holistic health and help them regain their balance of mind, body and spirit. We enable our customers to correct the imbalance that may persist in their body, by offering Ayurveda treatments- performed by trained specialists- that are designed to cater to each individual’s specific body and personality type.

Furthermore Arammish is also the premier spa to be offering Color therapy in Pakistan, which is the perfect blend of a scientific and holistic approach to treating the body. Our color therapy products and treatments are recommended to clients after proper assessment of what their individual needs and problems maybe.

Apart from giving our clients the opportunity to connect their minds to the needs of their body and their body with the rhythm of nature; we also offer services that will cater purely to pampering and beauty. From pedicures to facials, and makeup to hairdos, we have it all at Arammish! However, whether you come to Arammish to beautify your exterior, or work on the interior imbalance; it takes only one step into the Terracotta spa and sandalwood scented rooms, to realize that you are in a place that believes in appreciating, and living at peace with all things natural.

If we do it right, you will surely be going back with a desire to reconnect with yourself; and consequently with nature. So take out time from your busy lives to listen to what your body is telling you. Take out time to visit us at Arammish!

What’s a day at Arammish Spa like?

At Arammish you will have the opportunity to cater to all parts of your body mentally and physically. You can start your day at the spa by attending one of our Yoga classes with Amna Habib (owner and director of Arammish), so that you are able to open your mind and submit to a complete state of relaxation. Then if you so desire, you can grab a cup of tea/ any refreshment, while you choose between all the treatments available at Arammish. Perhaps you could get a soothing hair oil massage, or pamper your feet and nails with a pedicure and manicure. After this you may feel like nurturing your skin with an Arammish facial (it could be Ayurvedic ,Organic, Guinot or even aroma therapy based !) or you could even go for a massage (same options apply!).At Arammish we have all that you may need for a relaxing day so we also offer a set organic food menu every day which you can enjoy in our relaxing lounge and share a happy conversation with an accompanying friend. After your meal you can get a Hamam treatment to wash away all impurities and return home fresh, clean, fed and utterly rejuvenated!

These are only some of the services available to you at Arammish; it only takes one visit to feel spoilt rotten for choice!